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Volume 2 Issue 3, December 2010


Special Issue of Conference AquaMedit 2010, Greece


Comparison of fatty acids in the brains of wild and reared sea bass Dicentrarchus labrax L. and sea bream Sparus aurata L., and living in the same natural environment

D. Lenas, P. Loghothetis, G. Kanlis, C. Nathanailides

Page 135-141

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Assessment of demersal distribution between two fishing areas in North and Central Greece

D. Klaoudatos, C. Kapiris, A. Conides, C. Papaconstantinou, S. Glykokokkalos

Page 143-154

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Yield per recruit and spawning stock biomass models for the management of four Mugilidae species in Mesolonghi –Aitoliko lagoon (W. Greece)

G. Katselis, K. Koukou, D. Moutopoulos

Page 155-162

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Partial replacement of fresh algae with dry, in intensive seabream larval production

D. Dimitrios, P. Panagiota, G. Eleni, M. Emmanuil, D. Olga, M. Petros, E. Athanassios, K. Spyridon, N. Christos

Page 163-166

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A combination of selected indexes for assessing the environmental impact of marine fish farms using long term metadata analysis

T. Mavraganis, T. Telfer, C. Nathanailides

Page 167-171

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Optimization of enzymatic hydrolysis of yellowfin tuna Thunnus albacares viscera using Neutrase

 A. Motamedzadegan, B. Davarniam, G. Asadi, A. Abedian, M. Ovissipour

Page 173-181

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Management of the production and harvesting in Greek mussel culture areas, according to the occurrence of lipophilic toxic episodes

A. Vlamis, P. Katikou, D. Petridis

Page 183-192

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Trout hamburgers: a sustainable pipeline from aquaculture to community catering

 M. L. Bianchini, V. Muzzini, E. Pagliarino

Page 193-198

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