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Original articles

Exogenous supplementation of papain as growth promoter in diet of fingerlings
of Cyprinus carpio

Prabjeet Singh, Sajid Maqsood, Munir Hassan Samoon, Vikas Phulia, Mohd Danish, Ramesh Singh Chalal

Pages 1-9

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Effect of housefly maggot meal (magmeal) diets on catalase, and glutathione
S-transferase in the liver and gills of carp Cyprinus carpio fingerling

Johnny O. Ogunji, Jorge Nimptsch, Claudia Wiegand, Carsten Schulz, Bernhard Rennert

Pages 11-20

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Metallothionein mRNA expression in freshwater teleost, Channa punctata
(Bloch) under the influence of heavy metal, cadmium – a dose kinetic study

Mohit Tiwari, Naresh Sahebrao Nagpure, Devendra Nath Saksena, Wazir Singh Lakra

Pages 21-29

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Stress indicators throughout the reproduction of farmed Siberian sturgeon
Acipenser baerii (Brandt) females

Patrick Williot, Sylvain Comte, Françoise Le Menn

Pages 31-43

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Food and feeding habits of Gnathonemus petersii (Osteichthyes: Mormyridae)
in Anambra River,

Christopher Didigwu Nwani, Gregory Ejike Odoh, Emmanuel Fame Ude, Okechukwu Iduma Okogwu

Pages 45-51

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ATPase activities and autolysis of kuruma prawn Penaeus japonicus muscle proteins

Soottawat Benjakul, Wonnop Visessanguan, Tanong Aewsiri, Munehiko Tanaka, Mehdi Nikoo

Pages 53-61

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The effect of processing conditions on physico-chemical properties of whitecheek
shark (Carcharhinus dussumieri) skin gelatin

Mina Esmaeili Kharyeki, Masoud Rezaei, Ali Motamedzadegan

Pages 63-69

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Effect of replacing cod liver oil with soybean oil as dietary lipid on carcass composition, haematology and sensory properties of the Nile tilapia Oreochromis niloticus

Stephen N. Ochang

Pages 71-77

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Short communication

Measurement of prolactin (PRL), growth hormone (GH), insulin-like growth factor-I
(IGF-I), cortisol and insulin in gilthead seabream Sparus auratus

Vassiliki Syriou, Konstantina Mandrou, Nektarios Ladas, Jeanne Castritsi-Catharios

Pages 79-82

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