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Volume 3, Issue 2, August 2011
(Special Issue of ‘Sturgeon Fishes and their Future’ Conference, Ukraine (2011))



Critical swimming speed associated with body shape of Chinese sturgeon Acipenser sinensis under different rearing conditions

M. Duan, Y. Qu, J. Yan, L. Zhang, G. Feng, J. Liu, T. Zhang, J. Hou, X. Huang, F. Zhao, W. Yan, S. Chen, H. Huang, P. Zhuang

Pages 83-91

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Optimization of enzymatic hydrolysis of visceral waste proteins of beluga Huso huso using Protamex

A. Esmaeili Molla, H. G. Hovannisyan

Pages 93-99

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Morphological changes in digestive tract of Atlantic sturgeon Acipenser oxyrinchus during organogenesis

T. Ostaszewska, R. Kolman, M. Kamaszewski, G. Wiszniewski, D. Adamek, A. Duda

Pages 101-105

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Effects of temperature, salinity, illumination and Cu2+ on oxygen consumption of juvenile Chinese sturgeon Acipenser sinensis

J. Liu, M. Duan, L. Qu, G. Fengs, T. Zhang, J. Hou, W. Yan, L. Zhang, P. Zhuang

Pages 107-115

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A glance on sturgeon farming potential of Turkey

E. Ercan

Pages 117-124

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The effect of hydrocortisone treatment by bathing and daphnia enrichment on the salinity stress in Persian sturgeon Acipenser persicus juvenile

S.M.E. Fakharzadeh, M. Farhangi, B. Mojazi Amiri, M. Ahmadi, N. Mazloumi

Pages 125-133

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Characterization of gelatin from the skin of farmed Amur sturgeon Acipenser schrenckii

M. Nikoo, X. Xu, S. Benjakul, G. Xu, J. Carlos Ramírez Suárez, A. Ehsani, L. Manaku Kasankala, X. Duan, S.


 Pages 135-145

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